Most of the interns are already having multiple offers through campus placements, or 2nd, and 3rd year students. If Start-up wants to hire the person with the same skills, Approximately 50K/ Month need to be paid and there is no guarantee that top talent accepts the offer from Start-up.

Numerous start-ups fail with their business idea in the first few years. After more than five years, only one in ten is still in the race

Why start-ups fail

Ran out of Cash / Failed to raise new capital
The wrong team
Lacked Passion in the team
Poor Product and many more reasons.

While we cannot guarantee you success. But, we can help you stay longer in the market. We know how difficult it is to pay salaries for technical people as technical skills are key for any business success and obviously lot of investment is going into managing the technologists.

JALA Academy is offering the free Training / Internship to 1000s of college students all over India. Your company will be given the Interns to work for your company just for INR.5000/Month. You can save salaries a lot on the employees, and that money can be used for your business development.

Benefits of offering Internship

Your company can save approximately 40k on each intern per month. All Interns would complete the training on the below technologies before on-boarded.

  •  Programming Language
  •  Database
  •  Front End Technologies
  •  RESTful APIs
  •  Agile Process – JIRA
  •  Full Stack / MERN Stack
  •  AWS Cloud / DevOps
  •  Cyber Security
  •  Test Automation – API Automation / Selenium / RPA
  •  Data Science


  1. Duration of Internship is 90 Days to until get a JOB.
  2. Stipend to be Paid: 5000/- Fixed. Even if you want to pay more, we do not allow you. Students should not come to you because you are paying higher stipend. We do not want to create competition among the Start-ups. The goal is train the interns for high paying Jobs while utilizing their passion and creativity. You can always hire if you like the candidates.
  3. All students who are taking internship at JALA Academy are aiming to get a Job with a minimum Salary of 4.5 LPA. So respect their skills and passion to grow in their career while helping the start-ups. All Interns will be trained by JALA Academy until they get placed in MNC in parallel to the internship.
  4. 60% of Intern time should only be used for your company and 40% of their time should be on the latest technologies. Need to plan the Intern career intelligently while utilizing their skills. Remember they are not to serve you but help you grow your business. Treat them with respect.
  5. Less exposure to the tools and more exposure to the Technologies. Do not invest seniors time to mentor the Interns. Instead, use the junior resources to mentor the Interns. Think of forming a chain of Interns, the Intern leaving the organization will train the Intern coming in to save your valuable time.
  6. Provide the Interns the opportunities to involve in the work that is critical to your business. They get motivated and give their best. We never know their capability unless opportunities are provided.
  7. All Interns will continue attending the interviews in Major MNCs while working at your company. So, support them with a leave when they really need. Do not think, they leave soon as they learn more. Don’t worry, we will continue replacing the candidates that are leaving.
  8. Be a little flexible with their timings as they are new to the industry and need to manage their college as well. Mentor them in a right way to get 200% results. Focus should be more on results than other less important things.
  9. JALA Academy runs surveys to receive the feedback to improve and on-board as many Interns as possible smoothly for the benefit of the Start-up and Job seeker.
  10. Interns may leave your company at any time in one of the reasons
    1. They receive full time external opportunities.
    2. They are not given technical work in the company or the work that will not help to advance in their career.
    3. Wrong culture and lack of respect.
    4. Lack of clear direction at work.
    5. They are recalled to fit them in the right job as per their career goal.

JOB Programs

Full Stack Developer - JAVA

Become a Full Stack JAVA Developer within 60 days by doing the real-world project

Full Stack Developer - .Net

Become a Full Stack .Net Developer within 60 days by doing the real-world project

QA / SDET / Automation

Learn to Build Automation Test Frameworks in Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit, and Robotic Process Automation

DevOps and Cloud Technologies

Learn CI/CD, Agile Methodology, Cloud Computing Platforms - AWS / Azure in 60 days by Practical, and Hands-On Experience

Full Stack Developer - Python

Become a Software Developer Specialized in Data Science, Analytics with Hands-On learning