Why JALA Academy is Best for Kids

Quality Result Oriented Technical Education for ages 9 to 65 for purpose

Who We Are

JALA Academy offers Job Guarantee Programs for IT Job Seekers with Project based Training. 1000s of students and Job Seekers all over the World are using our FREE content on JAVA / Python /.Net / SQL / Front-End Technologies / RESTful APIs. Now, Offering the same quality training for Kids to prepare them for the future.

What We Deliver

Trainings are offered by anyone. But JALA Academy porgams come with Guarantee. The only Institute that offers guarantee in the world in Traning / Education. Use our services until we deliver what we have promised. No matter it is a month, a year or a decace. But for the same Fee. We deliver what we promise with no conditions.

What Kids Learn

Kids Develop the Calculator Project in Java or Python or Android Mobile App. And, Portfolio Website to cover the Front End Technologies - HTML, CSS, Javascript. Focus is not just developing apps using the tools. But learning the fundamentals of programming in simple steps. Develops skills to take up complex tasks.

Become a Jr.Mentor

JALA Trains and Supports every smart student who want to go above and beyond to become a Jr.Mentor. Mentoring brings a lot of opportunities to build strong connectioins while developing the leadership skills right from school days. Helps to develop communication skills, Boost confidence, bringing life to their Start-up ideas for Profit or No-Profit.

Spoken English Classes from DIRECT ENGLISH (UK)

Offering Spoken English classes as well for Kids to develop their communication Skills, Presentaion skills. Test your English knowledge by taking the assesment Test.Select Hyderbad-KPHB Centre after taking the Assessment Test to get the Test Results by our Centre.

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This Porgram is best suitable for individuals or a group of students. We are happy to implement this program in Schools, Communitites, Apartments at your place. It's not just teaching coding. but developing the skills to take better decisions in life. Would you like to connect with the Career Expert to know more?

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Why coding is important for kids?

We believe mentorship at the right age is important to create Equal opportunities to all sections of society.

  •   Coding fosters creativity. By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake, they learn.
  •  Coding improves writing academic performance. Children who learn to code understand how to plan and organize thoughts. This can lead to better writing
  •   Problem Solving. One of the main reasons you should teach your child coding from an early age is that it helps them develop problem-solving skills
  •  Coding helps children with Math skills. Coding helps children to be able to visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real-world situations
  •  Children that learn to code can improve and develop multiple facets of their educational syllabus including maths, writing, and creativity. It can also help to increase their confidence at school or in other social situations.
  • Coding helps kids achieve their dreams. Dan Costolo, the CEO of Twitter said: “If you can program a computer, you can achieve your dreams.