It's a great opportunity for the Investors to earn consistent income from Day 1 at ZERO risk. It looks like an exaggeration but we are already paying to the franchises for the last 6 months. Explore to know the benefits to the Early Investors in JALA Academy.

Investment: INR 10 lakhs ( For 5 Investors only) at the valuation of INR.50 Crore. Diluting only 1% Stake now. Next fund raising will be at the valuation of INR.200 crore in the next 9 months

Guaranteed Returns: Revenue share from at least 5 Franchises and Ownership for one Metro City Business in India

Financial Support: INR 10,000 every month (12%) to develop your franchise.

Equity: 0.20% stake and Board Seat

Expected Minimum Monthly Profit: INR.1,00,000

Team: Minimum 5 Franchises work under one Investor. Can build your own team like a franchise.

Benefits of investing in JALA Academy:

15% Shares are allocated to Tech Team and Employees exclusively to build the company with like minded people.

This opportunity is only for FIVE Investors at the current valuation. Business is running in progfits,Revenues are strong and it will reach 5X in 6 months.

The 5 Investors will be playing a critical role in taking the company to the entire world. Of course best revenue share will be offered

In JALA Academy, Incentives are always on revenue not on Profits. So everyone gets a fair share.

You will be part of the leadership team and involve in making the right decisions.

Why We do not Fail

11 Years effort, Studied 10,000 students, More than 3000 placements, 2 crores investment, and a lot more work done to arrive at this billion dollar profitable business plan.

We are a team of like-minded people covering the entire world. If everybody places a 100 candidates, you are a millionaire. You can do your own math.

Profit running company from Day 1.

ZERO upfront investment to run the operations. Every rupee of investors' money will be used only to develop the business and the amount is spent by the investors.

Well tested business Plan is ready to make it a Billion Dollar company in 36 months.

More loss running businesses will be joining us very soon from all over India as we are making sure they get attractive incentives at zero risk.

Best marketing strategies in place to touch the hearts of job seekers.

Would you like to be part of JALA Academy journey to help 1000s of people find IT Jobs. Exciting? Let's discuss how we can make it a reality.

Please WhatsApp me with a brief self-introduction.

Have Questions on Valuation ? Study the valuation of other EdTechs in India.
Edtech company PlanetSpark spent Rs 139.5 Cr to make Rs 30 Cr in FY22
Masai School raises nearly $5 Mn
Scaler raises $55 Mn at $710 Mn valuation
upGrad losses spike 3X to cross Rs 600 Cr in FY22
Unacademy’s revenue and losses surge over 80% in FY22
Simplilearn’s losses spiked 26X to Rs 150 Cr in FY22