JALA Academy Refund/Return policy

Thank you for buying a service with us. You are investing in your career to get 1000 times return on your investment. We want to make sure that our Job Seekers have an exceptional and valuable learning experience online. Also, You need to know that our Job programs cannot be compared with anyone else in the world. It is very common to feel completely uncomfortable with the way things are going. It is all intentional and that's how we designed our courses. We make sure you are getting out of your comfort zone to learn something new every day which is essential to get a high paying job. We all know we do not want to settle for anything less.

Cancellation & Refunds:

We understand that, sometimes, plans change. But, we have many services that you can surely use for. We recommend testing our services before making the payment. We also suggest the Job seekers to wait for 90 days before enrolling into the JOB Programs. Because you are making a life changing decision and we always want you to be HAPPY with your decision, so you can give your best. We are most interested in your ONE Month Salary. We always try to give you the best service to get your ONE Month Salary. We believe 90 days is more than enough for anyone to make a firm decision about their career.

None of our Relationship executives practice Emotional Based Selling and They never force you to make the decision to join the JOB Programs in a hurry.

In any case, the amount WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Don't worry, You can avail any of our services for life for the same one-time fee. You pay only once to JALA Academy and use any services offered by us for life. We promise you will get many times the return for your investment. Connect with our Legal Advocate for any questions.

Registration is done on the payment and it is not transferable to anyone else in any situation.

Feel free to discuss how you can use our services for your benefit.

Thank you for your patience. We are happy to talk to you to help you in best possible way.