JALA Foundation - Activities

Quality Technical Education for College Students

Who We are

JALA Foundation was setup to provide quality and free Technical Education for all college Students across the country.

What we do

Career Counselling, Women Empowerment, Technical Education, Offering Job opportunities.

Contact Us

Colleges in India can Contact us to offer FREE Technical Training to their Students.

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JALA Foundation Priorities

We believe mentorship at the right age is important to create Equal opportunities to all sections of society.

  •  FREE Technical Training for all college students in India.
  •  Youth Mentoring Programs to create awareness on various earning opportunities.
  •  Offering Quality and Practical Training that offers Job opportunities.
  •  Women Mentorship programs to offer opportunities to Earn from Home.
  •  Digital Marketing Training with freelance Job opportunities.
  •  Offering various opportunities for college students to earn through Internships.
  •  Offering volunteer opportunities to learn skills that matter for better Career.