Training without Trainers

Most of us passed without attending classes in College, You are capable of learning many things on your own otherwise you won't get here. Believe in yourself not the Trainers. Successfully placed 1000s of job seekers without Trainers by project based Training.

About JALA Academy

We Help To Change Your Life

JALA Academy was set up with a vision to fill the gaps between academic education and the practical IT world in the current industry. We believe that every serious job seeker has the capability to get a high-paying Software Job. We strive to bring out the best through skill enhancement techniques and with ZERO dependencies on the Trainers.

Learn Skills that matters to Get a JOB in 60 Days


10 Years JOB Guarantee

We know NO JOB is permanent but Skills. We place you in another company if you lose a JOB at no additional fee



Internships on Real-World Projects until get placed in MNC. Eligible for Stipend after completion of Training


Learn to Earn

All Job Programs by JALA Academy are designed for earning not for just learning


Self-Paced Learning

Flexible. Suitable to everyone. LEARN in your comfortable time. Decide the duration of the JOB Program


No Batch Wise Training

1:1 mentorship. Work Integrated Learning. 365 Days enrollment


Designed for Everyone

Income Earning Opportunities for any one from any Qualification, Percentage, Background, and Year of Passing


Overseas Education

Choose your country for Overseas Education. We deal with almost all Countries. Offer Additional Financial Support.

It's our responsibility right from Career Planning, Funding Visa, Pre-Departure, Prep Technology, Training, and Job.

Unique and Proven Approach

Become a computer programmer and secure a JOB in MNC in 60 Days

ZERO Dependency on the Trainers

We all have other commitments than just learning. Learning should be fun. No need to stretch a lot to get an IT Job


ZERO Theoretical

You can buy best videos on Udemy for 5 Dollars. We know, we cannot teach better than them. We use best resources available online


Jobs in Start-ups and MNCs

We help Start-ups to hire and they help job seekers to build a solid foundation in IT Career

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Shortest Duration

Our peers take 180 Days to 365 days to place the candidates. We take between 21 days to 90 days. The first interview will be in 21 Days


Lowest Fee

Lowest Initial Fee. Opportunity to quit, postpone /delay or re-join for up-skilling whenever you want in the next 10 Years at no extra fee



Unlimited opportunities to fail, because failures teach valuable lessons. We Stand by you until you succeed in getting a Software JOB. No matter what the time duration is

What We Offer

Our Services


INR. 20,000 + One Month Salary

Overseas students

$500 + $1500

To know how you get 100 times return for your investment
Let's Start Now


Companies Hired our Candidates

Implement our Programs in your College at ZERO initial Cost

How Much Do Trust Us?

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Cooperation with The Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

JALA Academy offers Job Guaranteed Training Programs for Software Engineers. Anyone from Fresher to 12 years’ experience is eligible. Qualification, Year of Passing, and experience do not really matter for those who want to become a software Engineer. JALA Academy also offers Income Earning opportunities for those who have backlogs, no qualification, and working in NON IT Jobs.
Anyone who wants to get a Software Job is eligible. Those who just want to up-skill or learn new technologies not for JOB are NOT eligible.
All students studying in any college in the world are eligible for FREE Internship. Stipend will also be paid on successful completion of assignments.
Training is completely Online. But we are opening up franchises all over India soon. You can work from any of the Franchises in India.
All Programs are until getting a Job. But most people get jobs in 21 days to 90 days. You are allowed to learn any technologies we offer for life without paying anything. Pay Once and use any services offered by us for life time.
Yes, Not everyone who can pay money is eligible. We will check your commitment, seriousness and attitude to put effort into getting a job. You can take your own time to test the program and your suitability before paying the Fee. We know nobody else in the world can place you in the shortest possible time and for the lowest fee that JALA Academy does.
We have a strong network of MNC software companies. You will be given unlimited opportunities to fail until you succeed. We will stand by you until you get a JOB.
There is no strict rule. If you spend 30 hours a week. It is very much possible to get a job in less than 90 days.
  • Fee is INR.20,000 + One Month Salary.
  • FREE for Interns + Stipend will be paid
  • FREE for College Students 
Any City where Software companies present
We are not a training Institute. Check the programs we are offering. Program content is designed to place you as soon as possible. If you want to learn a specific tool/technology, JALA Academy is not the right place for you. we recommend you Udemy.

The package will be the best in the industry. You can expect a minimum of 40% hike and up to 200% if you are a working employee. For freshers the salary will be anywhere between 2.8 LPA to 10.5 LPA.

Don’t worry. It is very common losing the job in IT Industry. But, we can help you get a JOB before notice period ends. In fact, It gives you an opportunity to get best hike.
We can help you find a way as long as you are very serious about your career. Talk to us to know about the Income Earning opportunities available.
Good to know. You can spend any time in a day for 2 to 4 Hours for building the right career in the IT industry. We are available to support you from 8 AM to 11.59 PM, All days.

We have software Jobs for every serious job seeker irrespective of their qualification, percentages, and background. Talk to us to know how it works for you.

We try our best to answer the call or call you back. But we recommend you to WhatsApp on the numbers mentioned in our website. HR Manager / Technical Manager will contact you to help you make a right decision about your career.



Be Aware of All Events

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Job Programs

Full Stack Developer - JAVA

Become a Full Stack JAVA Developer within 60 days by doing the real-world project.

Full Stack Developer - .Net

Become a Full Stack .Net Developer within 60 days by doing the real-world project.

QA / SDET / Automation

Learn Automation and Quality Assurance as a software engineer to get a high-paying job in MNC and product-based companies within 60 days.

DevOps and Cloud Technologies

Learn the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, and how to by deploying real-world projects.

Full Stack Developer - Python

Become a Full Stack Python Developer and learn to use data and how to use data to know the pattern with our 60 days of python training.