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30+ Best Skyrim SE Weapon Mods Of – Legendary Mage

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Get the mod here. One of many brand new weapons, this sword is inspired by glass weapons. This mod adds a huge amount of weapons to your game! Skyrim Expanded Weaponry aims to greatly expand the vanilla weapons by adding lots of new variants to the different types. Unlike a mod that just adds overpowered late-game weapons, this mod has something to offer for characters of every level.

An up close look at the detailed weapons added in this mod. This mod is full of weapons that are perfect for the nostalgic Elder Scrolls fan. The weapons in this mod are all Morrowind themed. They are all brand new, so they add to the weapons in your game without replacing anything. The version of this mod for special edition has been converted from Skyrim to include some improvements over the old version as well.

This mod will add something extra to do for each faction you decide to join. DX Faction Crossbows is a wonderful mod to have added to your game. The mod is incredibly detailed with plenty of lore. For fans of all the lore The Elder Scrolls has to offer, these weapons are a perfect addition to your game. These new weapons are fully integrated into the game, they can be found as loot or craftable at a forge. The weapons are all either based on designs from previous games or based on other places and characters described in Elder Scrolls lore.

No longer be disappointed by the gifts you recieve from the Jarls. You would expect the weapons you are gifted for being the Thane of a city to be unique, right? Instead, you get boring weapons with different names. With this mod, they can be as nice as you expect them to be! This mod adds a ton of new weapons that are all balanced with the weapons in the vanilla game. The work that went into making sure the weapons were balanced with the vanilla weapons means that this mod will feel very natural in your game.

Get the mod here for SE. The small, intricate details on this mod are consistent with every mod that DeserterX DX creates. The Staff of Necromancy is another mod that started as only a detailed accessory for your character. This mod turns it into a fully functioning weapon! This enchanted staff is incredibly detailed and will be perfect for any character whether they are a necromancer or not.

An up-close look at the gemstones and blade engravings on one of many new weapons. The Gothic 3 Weapons Pack is a much smaller weapon pack, but with that often comes more detail! This mod is no exception, plenty of detail went into these weapons. These weapons feature fine details including gemstones, which make them perfect for someone who always wants their character to carry visually appealing weapons.

A brand new weapon from this mod equipped by a character in-game. Nicoroshi Creations is a compilation of all the weapon mods created by the mod author of the same name.

This mod also features multiple ways to acquire the new weapons, so you can choose depending on which you prefer. The Oblivion inspiration is clearly seen here with all of the bright, vibrant colors. Another mod on this list for nostalgic Elder Scrolls fans! This time, we have a mod that is full of weapons made for Oblivion. These weapons will make you think of your adventures in Cyrodiil. These weapons feature incredibly unique designs featuring detailed dragons and more. Each weapon is unique and fits perfectly into the world of Skyrim.

Some weapons are themed around dragons like Alduin, and the smallest details like blade engravings in Dovahzul. These new bows are perfect for all of your stealth archer needs. Better Bows is a mod that adds new bows to Skyrim. These bows use the existing meshes, such as the Elven bow, and alter them to create unique varieties. For fans of Lord of The Rings, this mod adds iconic weapons from the series.

Each weapon is wonderfully detailed and many of them include multiple versions to choose from. These weapons feel natural in the world of Skyrim. Choose between the standard re-shaped weapons or modified versions like these with gems.

This mod works to re-shape the vanilla meshes to be more proportionate and practical. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 15 Jan pm. Raise enemies from the dead with cool weapons like this Staff of Necromancy.

BY: Lyric Hicks. It is up to you to decide which of these you would rather play with, and how lore-friendly you would like the game to remain. Check Out This Mod. It simply replaces the Skyrim Silver Sword with one used in The Witcher series, providing the unrelenting strength of Geralt in order to kill the mighty foes he encountered during his adventures.

The Silver Sword does not have any particular effects, but it gives you the unique feel of authenticity and spins the world of Skyrim into something different. One common thing you will discover when looking for Skyrim weapon mods is the Ebony weapons are not fan-favorites and could look better — especially when you take into consideration how the armors are awesome. CL himself, a popular modder in the Skyrim community, has retextured many of the base game Ebony weapons and turned the designs into incredibly beautiful pieces of weaponry.

The Better Bows mod allows the base game bows to be complemented by a larger selection of ranged weapons, which will enhance your arsenal and add a much-needed touch of variety to the selection. Much like the last mod, the Unique Bows Collection adds 10 new bows to the game with exceptional designs. They are simpler than the Better Bows mod, but the mod is better supported and works better with enchantments, earning it a higher spot on our list.

If you are a Warcraft fan or an avid WoW player you are going to absolutely love this next mod. The Magicka Sabers mod is going to suit your needs. This mod adds lightsabers into the game, but it is explained how the sabers themselves are powered with elements found in Skyrim. Sure, the explanation might not be the best out of every other mod on this list.

But it should suffice if you wish to slay foes with your lightsaber across the plains of the realm! This mod adds a couple of new weapons to the game, as well as a staff, which can be obtained by completing a quest which adapts to the lore of the game.

The powerful weapons will serve you well in battle and strike fear in the hearts of every foe daring to stand in your way. If you have played the Dawnguard DLC and fought the Volkihar Menace, you probably know their weapons are on the limited end of the spectrum. This mod aims to correct that by adding countless new weapons with the same design you would expect Dawnguard weapons to have.

Well, this mod is what you are after. It adds 95 new and different weapons to the game, making your choice of finding a favorite more difficult than before. All of the weapons are lore-friendly and use the same materials that are included in the base game. This mod adds automatic crossbows to the lore of Skyrim by presenting you a story where the Thalmor find some old Dwarven blueprints showing how to build these fearsome weapons.

Keep in mind this weapon is a bit overpowered so if you are not keen on ancient over-the-top guns, this might not do much for you. There are a total of 18 new weapons, but each one has 32 variations and they come with a unique shield emblematic to this mod. The weapons are highly detailed and look as if they belong in the game, so finding them and wielding them is going to be as lore-friendly as you can imagine. Though the weapons adapt to the game, they have their roots and origins in comics and other stories.

Files Dual Sheath Redux is embedded within the bsa. Weapons can forge in the smithy, section “Steel”.

The recommended fashion: Polearm and two handed spear animations. Prev 59 58 57 56 55 54 53 Subscribe and receive notifications of new mods in the facebook feed! Click to not miss the news! Subscribe to mods. MP5 cool by majdgamer Skyrim is famous for its extensive collection of custom mods and since combat is such an integral part of the in-game experience, weapon mods make up for a large chunk of this collection. The Skyrim SE weapon mods not only modify a lot of the existing weapons in the game but also provide you with brand-new powerful weapons that are often lore-friendly.

Skyrim was released in November and has constantly been refined with updates. While this immense quantity of Skyrim weapon mods has given every player something for their own taste, it has also made finding the best ones a daunting task. These are some of the best weapon mods you can add to Skyrim SE mods for an enhanced experience.

With over a million total downloads, this expanded weaponry mod is easily one of the most popular mods in the game, and for good reason. It adds new weapons to the game — 10 per material type and 5 Stalhrim. These weapons feel incredibly immersive in the world of Skyrim as it uses Vanilla textures that players are already familiar with. This is a great option for anybody that wants a solid addition of weapons that feel immersive familiar to the game.

Speaking of an immersive experience, the Immersive weapons mod for Skyrim SE adds weapons scatters across the world of Skyrim that blend wonderfully into the lore. The pack has over 2 million total downloads and is easily one of the best Skyrim weapon mods for players who love consistent lore.

The weapons of the Third Era mod adds a beautiful collection of unique weapons to the game. It mainly consists of custom swords made from various materials but you will find a few other gems in there too. The variations of weapons added in this mod have been balanced to blend well into the game.

Silver weapons have been designed to do the right amount of damage to undead creatures. Instead of adding a bunch of extra weapons, this mod just changes their meshes to make them look better- and does a great job with it.

The chunky, blunt weapons from the base game are replaced with ones that look much more refined and appealing, making it one of the best Skyrim weapon mods out there. The silver set is retextured to look much better than it used to. The patch also adds skyforge weapons of other materials and upgrades their tier.

This Mod , as the name suggests, replaces existing weapon sets in the game with cooler-looking variations of them. It expands the collection of the Vanilla game with lore-friendly weapons that ardent fans might find familiar.


30+ Best Skyrim SE Weapon Mods Of – Legendary Mage.Top 25 Best Weapon Mods For Skyrim (All Free) – FandomSpot


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This mod adds nearly new weapons to Skyrim. You will find all new Halberds, Spears, Glaives, Shortswords, Quarter staves, Mauls. This mod adds over new weapons to Skyrim, which include all new Halberds, Spears, Glaives, Shortswords, Quarter staves, Mauls, Hatchets and.


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