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Found a lower price? Let us know. Although we can’t match every price reported, we’ll use your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive. Super-spy Sam Fisher is back save the world from a new threat. Thankfully, a new arsenal of gadgets and new gameplay are on his side.

Pandora Tomorrow takes the lighting and visual affects that mesmerized audiences in the first title, to breath-taking new heights! An unbelievable online and offline multiplayer component, allows stealth-battle between two-player teams of mercenaries and super-spies. Get ready Pandora Tomorrow will blow you away! Suhadi’s men attack and occupy the U. Embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage.

Fisher must defend and assist the U. If he fails, the U. An experience so compelling you feel it. Believe the story. Tension filled stealth-action springs from a compelling original storyline so realistic it could have been ripped from the headlines.

Understand the characters. In this sequel to the original game, favorite characters like Sam Fisher and Irving Lambert return and unveil even more about their personal histories in the more character-driven storyline. New antagonists appear, including Suhadi Sodano an Indonesian guerilla leader whose beliefs are sound, but whose methods are barbaric.

And then there is Norman Soth: CIA-trained mercenary deep under cover or traitor working for the enemy? Whose side is he really on? Immerse yourself. Revolutionary lighting, shadowing, animation, physics, and sound effects pushed to the limit to create a universe so tightly woven that the line between reality and gaming starts to blur. Voice actors, music composers and cinematic directors to be announced in the coming months. Now more than ever, Sam relies on his moves.

In this sequel to the original Splinter Cell, circumstances demand that Sam use his agility and athleticism to avoid detection and death. In fact the level design demands them. Use a half split jump to reach a ledge, zip line across an open courtyard, rappel along the side of a building, SWAT-turn to bypass an open door unseen.

Based on prototypes currently in development, or gadgets out on the field, Sam Fisher has a menu of high tech gadgets and tools from which to choose. Revolutionary multiplayer stealth action gameplay online for the first time. Take Splinter Cell online. Taking place in a graphically-rich environment we expect from Splinter Cell, the multiplayer gameplay is a natural extension of the Splinter Cell world.

Just as in Splinter Cell, players will call on a wide variety of gadgets, weapons and athletic moves to best their opponents. The light and shadow-filled environment offers dark retreats for stealth gamers and wide open spaces that spell danger for spies.

The multiplayer game is integrated into the compelling offline story, though both offline and online gameplay can be enjoyed independently of one another. Choose a side. Taunt your enemies from the shadows as you meet stealth objectives playing through wide multiplayer maps in third-person view as a Shadow Net Spy.

Or track spies using a first-person perspective as a heavy armed Argus Mercenary protecting your compound. The abilities and resources on each side are evenly matched.

Winning will come down to skill and strategy. Download Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Windows Version. Download ISO Version 2. Misc Serial Key 70 B. Need for Speed: Underground 2 Win Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Win Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Win Follow Us! Monthly Newsletter. Top downloads. List of top downloads. Latest releases. I instinctively note the placement of windows and air vents each time I enter a room. While everyone else is watching the movie, Im spotting the best places to mine the theater.

Sure, Im obsessed. But who can blame me? Pandora nails every important aspect of multiplayer-intricate level design, cool gadgets and weapons, and most of all, a fantastic balance between the two very different types of gameplay. Games this innovative and polished at the same time are rare indeed. Setting traps, causing diversions, spying in on the other teams conversations, letting them spy in on yours to feed them false information the possibilities for co-operation and strategy in multiplayer Pandora are so endless, it makes even a deep shooter like Rainbow Six 3 seem like a simple Doom clone.

All of this greatness does come with a price: a supersteep learning curve. Youll need to spend hours learning every nook of the huge levels and mastering the complicated controls before you can enjoy multiplayer. But once you do, there is literally nothing like it. Which I guess is why I can forgive Ubisoft for playing it safe with the single-player game. I have the same compliments gorgeous graphics, cool gadgets, great controls and complaints guards who cheat to know where you are, confusing storyline as I did with the original Cell, because this is basically the same game.

Once again the missions where you cant kill or get spotted even once often devolve into frustrating trail-and-error gameplay. The stealth formula works best when its the player who decides between going in quiet or guns-a-blazin, not the game. Now, if youll excuse me, Ive got to get back online. Listen to Shoe and Mark; dont listen to Sam Fisher.

Pandora Tomorrows crotchety superspy may gripe about his salt-and-pepper scruff and achy knees we knew we smelled Ben Gay through that stealth suit , but this guy is definitely not getting too old for this His outstanding sophomore mission which improves on the breakout first games specs in all the departments youd expect proves that Uncle Sam is just getting started.

He gets slick new moves although you barely use em , players get the requisite convoluted spy-game plot, and the whole package is bathed in the wowie-zowie light-and-shadow effects that made the original famous.

And if the single-player game still feels a little too similar to the originals, Pandora Tomorrow goes beyond the call of duty with the most novel multiplayer mode Ive ever played. But this black op isnt for everybody. Although a few single-player levels the best ones in the game offer multiple paths to the objective, youll still face lots of tedious trial and error.

Even so, that palpable sense of tension the very real fear of getting spotted never falters. It makes for too many memorable moments: slinking past passenger windows on the wind-whipped side of a bullet train, diving for cover when lightning flashbulbs guard-patrol routes during a thunderstorm, going full-auto when Sams handlers let him off his leash, and much more. The revolutionary spooks-versus-guards online game packs an Everest-steep learning curve likely to intimidate casual spies.

In fact, I can guarantee that you wont have fun the first time you dive in. Youll stumble around in the dark, wrestle with the controls which are different from those in single-player , and wonder if youll ever get the hang of this. But stick with it: Once you master tactics and memorize a levels layout, you wont be able to log off until you try a new level and have to figure out its intricacies from scratch.

With Sam Fishers current stealth conflagration more than living up to the hype, and newly converted Xbox Live gamers everywhere learning exactly what the phrase game rating content may change during online experience means after listening to a year-old punk swearing at them, were back with a host of Splinter Cell tips and tricks for executing both enemies and this irritating online menace.

Weve got strategies for weapon use and a host of cunning tricks to employ for turning you from ass to assassin. You really have only two weapons to choose from on each mission and sometimes only a pistol on the stealthier missions. A couple of different projectiles, though, will keep the enemy on its toes. Combined with your covert movements and superior tactics, your weapon setup proves more than reliable.

Modular Assault Weapon System provides lots of power in a compact package. The assault rifle comes with 60 shots, which might seem like a lot, but it goes real fast if you hold the trigger down and barrage the enemy with automatic fire. To conserve ammo and keep your accuracy high, fire quick bursts or single shots to the head. In sniper mode, you can pick off targets at a distant range with just the soft hiss of a bullet. Lock on to your victim and then zoom in with your 4x or 6x scope for a closer shot.

Depress the left trigger and hold your breath for about 3 seconds long enough to steady your weapon and set up the perfect kill shot. Your SCK also doubles as a launcher. It spits out special ammunition like ring airfoil rounds , sticky shockers, diversion and sticky cameras, plus all types of grenades. Its like your own weapons locker slung across your back. In stealth situations that require you to cross a lighted area to reach your enemy or ones in which grabbing one enemy will alert another nearby guard opt to use your SCKs sniper mode.

You may be quick enough to down your enemies without the alarm going up. Your handheld weapon usually shoots at light bulbs instead of skulls. Your pistol, equipped with 40 shots, can pick off lights as you move along to keep the shadow quotient high. It fires more slowly than your SCK, and its tougher to get a long-range shot off since it doesnt come with a zoom feature, so use it on human opponents only at close range.

If you play it smart, you can also shoot out cameras with your SC pistol, though its probably more sensible to holster it in favor of the SCK when you have an option. For those split-second situations when you have only the pistol in hand, go for the head shot.

One pinpoint slug to the skull can drop anyone even enemies in full body armor. Think of it as a shock bomb. The sticky shocker is a high-voltage discharge device coated in adhesive resin. When you fire the shocker, it clings to your target and jolts the victim into unconsciousness.

This fun little gadget is especially useful on nonlethal missions when you cant reach a guard with your bare hands. For maximum effectiveness, fire a sticky shocker into water and neutralize anyone touching the liquid. When the mission calls for nonlethal force, Third Echelon means it. For those who are bored or trigger-happy, the sticky shocker lets you shoot your gun, and the ability to incapacitate works just as well as a deadly bullet.

They sound cool, and these multiplayer-only bullets perform some amazing tricks. You temporarily mark enemies with one so that they appear on your radar as well as your teammates. If you hit a rooms wall, the spy bullet transforms the zone around the point of impact into a radar zone making it possible to track any enemy entering this new zone. When you want your eyes in two places at once, rely on the spy bullet. Like rubber bullets, the ring airfoils can neutralize people without killing them.

Aww, how very humane of you During nonlethal objectives, these high-impact, zero-penetration projectiles will stun if shot into the body and will knock an enemy out if connected with the head. There are four types of grenade, each with a different function. The standard fragmentation grenade called a frag detonates and sends deadly shrapnel out in a short blast radius. Optimally, you want to throw a frag into the midst of several enemies so that you catch multiple casualties.

They explode loudly, so toss them only in secluded areas or where the alarm doesnt matter. The smoke grenade shoots out a cloud that blankets an area in an obscuring mist. Switch to thermal vision to see heat signatures through the smoke. You can screen your moves with a smoke grenade. Though guards might be alerted to your presence when the grenade goes off, they wont have a clue where you go if you move quickly.

You can sometimes down a guard who sucks in too much smoke. The special chaff grenade emits electromagnetic particles that disrupt and neutralize electronic devices in the area.

You can heave one of these babies into a room to shut down surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and mines. Watch out a chaff grenade doesnt last forever. When the grenades particles have finished discharging, the neutralized devices return to normal.

You dont want to be in front of a camera then or worse, in the middle of a minefield! The flashbang grenade blasts out a loud noise and brilliant light. It temporarily blinds characters who happen to be looking in its direction. Take advantage of a stunned character and follow up with another grenade or your SCK.

Trusty tips for the true stealth assassin Tapping your R trigger to floor opponents is sometimes easier than grabbing them from behind; its quicker and theres less chance of detection. If you arent attracting turrets with it, ditch your emergency flare early into your mission so that you arent accidentally lit up like a Christmas tree when you fumble an attempt at bringing your gun out quietly.

Tag all the lights, using the pistol to conserve assault rifle ammo unless you need the targeting scope. The enemies and innocents dont seem to worry about being plunged into darkness. This is particularly effective in the LAX stage, in which you can draw people from where you need to be in the gloom, with little chance of detection. The stages with an abundance of foliage usually have trip wires to flounder over.

Prevent this stealth embarrassment by using infrared to spot them. When you think “tactical espionage action,” there’s one gameplay element that’s usually missing: taking your lone operative online with friends. Forget what you’ve previously learned about multiplayer battles. When Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow’s spies and mercenaries go head-to-head, kiss the standard rules of engagement goodbye. Like a high-tech game of hide-and-seek, Shadownet coordinates an elaborate plan to destroy or steal highly dangerous research material, while ARGUS Armed Guardian Services hunts down the trespassers with a combination of deadly bullets and specialized surveillance equipment.

As a Shadownet player, you can use shadows and hiding spots to your advantage, but remember that you’re dealing with human opponents, not preprogrammed artificial intelligence. When you hide in the shadows, it should be only for a few moments, or you might as well paint a large bull’s-eye on your chest for the mercenaries. Call a powwow with your fellow teammates at the start of a mission to define your plan of attack.

If at all possible, you want to work in tandem with another spy. When you reach an objective point, one spy should neutralize the ND canister while the second spy knocks out security measures or provides cover fire against any incoming meres. While out in the field, it’s OK to flip on night vision to clear up the gloom, but don’t leave it on. As the spy providing cover fire, you want to stay as invisible a target as possible while assaulting the enemy, and night vision shows up like a bonfire on the mere’s electromagnetic mode.

This goes double for the spy neutralizing the ND; you’re only helping the mercenaries zero in as a stationary target with night vision on. There are a bunch of options for a spy’s initial setup, but the tried-and-true blueprint involves smoke grenades, flashbang grenades, sticky cameras, and spy bullets. Link your smoke and flashbang grenades to your hotkeys for quick access when the mercenaries suddenly appear, and use them to get out of trouble.

Smoke grenades usually work best: If you’re being fired at, it’s a good idea to drop a smoke grenade and disappear in the commotion. The mercenary may charge into the smoke after you, but prolonged exposure will knock him out. Otherwise, you can slip through while the enemy is blinded by the smoke–or throw a flashbang to opt for a “flashier” escape. Gain valuable extra seconds while neutralizing an ND by dropping a smoke grenade to stall approaching meres. The sticky camera is less about intelligence and more about incapacitation.

You can shoot it near a camping mercenary and spray him with gas, knocking him out without risking yourself in the process. The spy bullet does provide intel, letting you listen in on meres’ headset communications and pointing them out on your radar.

Just don’t be fooled by any misleading chats: Smart mere players may purposely throw you off by saying the wrong things if they suspect someone is listening to them. As far as your gun goes, don’t think you can pull a Jesse James and out-duel a mercenary. You can’t kill the enemy with your gun; it should only be used in desperate situations to stun a mercenary and make a run for it. Keep your gun bolstered and worry about completing your team objectives.

When all is said and done, your most important tactic is subterfuge. Send one spy to trigger an alarm at a main entrance, especially one close to an ND canister, and force the mercenaries to counter with some armed security. While they’re busy in that section, a second spy can mount a quick in-and-out assault on another building’s ND Operate in a timely manner and you’ll have the mercenaries pulling out their collective hair.

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As soon as the curtain rises on the magnificently sun-drenched insertion point, Pandora Tomorrow reminds us why we loved its precursor so much. Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. New movements, technological capabilities, and devices. To conserve ammo and keep your accuracy high, fire quick bursts or single shots to the head.


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