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When villains run rampant, only one man can rescue a world in peril. Can you master your super powers to save Metropolis? Inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures feature film and more than 60 years of DC Comics lore, Superman Returns: The Videogame is the ultimate open-world super hero experience. Buy Xbox content on Xbox. Your Xbox console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on перейти на источник connect to Xbox Live.

Superman Returns. Game Rating: T Teen. Previous Next Images 4. Overview 2. Download superman game pc free it here. Play it there. Learn More. Description Share this. Copy and paste this link into an e-mail or instant message:. Free Download to Xbox Game available on November 22nd in North America.

Not only is download superman game pc free one of Superman’s legendary adversaries, he’s also a playable character in the game! Can you master your superpowers to protect Metropolis from an onslaught of classic villains?

Comic как сообщается здесь Marv Wolfman and Gaming Writer Flint Dillie talk about creation of the storyline and bringing Metropolis to life for the first time in this epic adventure.


Download superman game pc free.Download Superman: The Game


Superman Returns: The Videogame was developed and inspired by the events of the movie with the same name. The title however expands upon the story told in the cinema, and tasks Superman with fighting classic villains from his comic book history.

Players can expect to fight Bizarro, Metallo, Riot, and Mogul during the game. Superman is available in its entirety here, and players have access to all of his abilities. They are also required to master and use those abilities carefully, as they try and save the day in Metropolis.

The concepts here are amazing, with well-thought-out situations such as Superman being completely invincible, but failure becoming possible if too many casualties or damage is done to the city surrounding him. The title also offers multiple solutions to the problems around the city, which require some puzzle-solving to get the best results out of him.

And while conceptually this might be one of the best solutions to the problem of having an invincible protagonist, the gameplay is actually poorly designed.

To be completely honest, the flying aspect of the game felt very cool at the time, with the screen getting blurred, and being able to travel across the map so quickly. However, it aged poorly. The game had a very big map at the time, and it truly felt majestic, but everything inside looked from a generation before. From there the novelty of being a hero dies very fast, since you are pitted against the same number of robots, and flying creatures endlessly.

The one thing that makes combat feel alive is the boss fights, which are few and far between, and they are a very small part of the game. Finally, Superman is thrown into a story that feels very inconsistent. Story-wise there is literally no character development or story for a fact. Superman Returns: The Video Game is a series of chained events, and uneventful battles, that culminate in a glorious battle against a tornado.

Not any of the super villains, classic villains, or actual nemesis from Kal-El, but a giant tornado. There are way better superhero games. Honestly, unless you are one of the biggest Superman fans of all time, you are better off playing anything else. As we await a decent Superman game to come – even if it never does – just save yourself the struggle of playing this one. It’s unfortunate that despite being an iconic superhero, Superman has always had less then stellar success in game format.

Unlike the movie, which reinvigorated Superman for a modern audience, Superman Returns: The Videogame continues the long trend of mediocrity. Superman Returns: The Videogame alludes to being a movie tie in, but that link is tenuous at best. Instead of battling Lex Luthor you’ll instead defend Metropolis against the likes of Metallo, Bizarro and a few other super-villains that had nothing to do with the film.

The only real links to the film are a handful of cutscenes that gloss over the events of the film in between your battles with robots, tornados and dragons, oh my. To defend Metropolis you have the typical suite of Superman powers, such as heat vision, super breaths, flight and some powerful melee abilities. This sounds more interesting then it is however because most of the objectives, which typical task you with fighting some sort of enemy such as the aforementioned robots or averting a natural disaster, are pretty boring.

Moreover the actual combat suffers from suspect collision detection and a targeting system that doesn’t really give you a satisfactory way of changing targets. There are a few interesting sections that have you wrecking havoc as Bizarro or racing against Mister Mxyzptlk but overall the gameplay isn’t very engaging and will leave fans of the movie wondering if EA just might have missed the point.

Superman Returns: The Videogame is graphically a mixed bag. Flying around looks and feels great but once you land you’ll find that Metropolis looks a little muddy. Making matters worse the framerate is far from rock solid. Conversely the audio is strong, featuring an orchestral soundtrack and voice work from the primary actors in the film. It doesn’t help things that Superman Returns: The Videogame is also quite short, taking under 10 hours to complete with little replay value despite the sandbox design.

Both fans of the movie and Superman in general should pass on this game and hope that the next Superman game will buck the trend of mediocrity. Browse games Game Portals. Superman Returns: The Videogame. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 2.

Download Superman Returns: The Videogame. XBox Playstation 2. Overall rating: 6. Stuart Little 3: Big Photo Adventure. GameFabrique XBox , XBox, Playstation 2.


Download superman game pc free.Superman Returns


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! The granddaddy of all superheroes will make his bit appearance in a great-looking, challenging adventure worthy of supergamers of all ages. The fate of Metropolis and all its citizens is in your control pad. There’s no time to lose Metropolis has been plagued by a rash of kidnappings, subway hijackings, and superhero girlfriend abductions.

Only Superman can rescue the ‘nabbed kids from the Prankster, return the stolen subway from Metallo, and save his love interest, Lois Lane, from the clutches of his archenemy, Brainiac. Five extensive, super challenging, side-scrolling levels await our Kryptonian hero in this exciting one-player game. Superman is a very challenging game that befits the world’s greatest superhero. In addition to his flying, leaping, running, and punching abilities, Superman can develop Superpowers, such as searing Heat Vision, powerful Sonic Punches, and Hyper Spins that are capable of drilling to other levels beneath the ground.

These Superpowers are essential, because you only have one life and the length of playing time is dictated by how long you maintain your life bar. Scores of enemies, such as gun-toting goons, killer drones, Kryptonite-shooting snipers that fly, giant spaceships, and Kryptonite-spouting roadblocks, zap away at your life units.

Fortunately, icons granting additional life units and Superpowers appear throughout each level. Longtime Superman fans will be happy to know that the programmers have been extremely faithful to their comic book source material. Superman looks and moves identically to his four-color, newsstand adventures. All characters and backgrounds are rendered in bright, primary colors, which are effective in creating the impression of a comic book come to life.

Superman also is a highly- detailed, large sprite. Attention to the small details, such as his billowing cape, help to give the game extra visual punch. Proving that superheroin’ ain’t easy, Superman is an extremely challenging game. Split-second timing and quick reflexes are essential for success. There are no passwords, and you only get two continues. To make things even tougher, only super-high scoring can merit an extra continue.

One plus, though, is that most enemies move in preset patterns, so it’s often easier to avoid conflict than risk life units in combat. You’ll find yourself trying harder and harder to avoid having to start all over — a true sign of a good adventure game. Superman, the game, lives up to Superman, the legend. Sharp graphics and a solid challenge make this a worthy game for all Genesis players. Take Superman for a spin, before it’s old news.

Now, if we could only find Clark Kent to cover this story! While you fly, it’s best to stay along the left edge of the screen. It’s easier to dodge oncoming enemies from there. You get these cool comic book style intro screens at the start of each level, but that is about as much story as you are getting. The visuals are pretty damn solid. I have always felt that no matter the quality of the gameplay, Sunsoft always made good looking games and this one is no different.

I already spoke about the comic book style intro screen, but the whole game has that comic book feel which I like.

I also like that this made it out before the long-haired Superman that was all the rage in the 90s! The soundtrack is not bad, it is not Batman NES level of awesomeness, but it more than gets the job done. So do the sound effects which can get repetitive, but they are not that bad. A huge problem in bringing Superman to the world of video games is his powers. Superman is one of the most overpowered superheroes of all time and making a game with a character who is that powerful is a challenging experience.

Sunsoft decided that the way to deal with his superpowers was to limit their use. Certain sections of a level will require you to use one of his powers, but to do so you need to find an icon before you can do it. The game plays like a beat-em-up, but a rather uninspired one. It is not bad and there are no major problems with the gameplay, it is just not a very exciting game if I am being honest. You have a few different levels to play through and each one has a classic Superman villain as a boss at the end.

Is this an amazing game? I would have to say no, but it is a solid effort from the folks at Sunsoft and I would say it is the kind of game you will probably have some fun with if 90s scrolling beat-em-ups are your thing. For me personally, The Death and Return of Superman is a better game than this. It seems only natural that Superman would come out for the N After all, he is the most recognized comic character in the world.

Titus holds the esteemed license and plans to release their “man of steel” to the legions of Superman fans quite soon. The story goes like this: Lex Luther and fellow villains–Brainiac, Parasite and Metallo–plot to control Metropolis by enveloping the city in a Kryptonite fog. Superman must put an end to the scheme, as well as rescue Lois Lane, who has been kidnapped by Luther earlier in the scenario.

To aid in his missions of good, Superman has the ability to fly, walk and run really fast. He also packs some mean attacks including: Heat vision, Super Breath yow and a wicked right hook. In addition, Superman’s super strength comes in real handy. Many everyday objects such as cars, trains, street lamps, etc. Sixteen mission-based levels must be cleared of villains before the next level can be entered. Clearing a level involves a lot of searching and plain ol’ fighting.

Superman’s X-ray vision is most useful in this portion of the game. Looking through walls to locate enemies is a nice option. If only every game offered this handy feature. Having played an early version of the game, it looks like Superman could be an interesting play.

There are some issues with control but we’re confident the developers can iron it all out in time for the game’s release. Here’s to the man of steel making his debut on the Ncheers. The man of steel is back with a vengeance! This time he has a whole variety of missions to accomplish. Not only must Superman wipe out the crime bosses attempting to control Metropolis, but he must also save children from a kidnapper and stop a mad bomber from leveling Metropolis!

Superman has some superb animation to compliment the graphics! Who is the real Superman? Each character is equipped with unique powers and challenging attacks for comic book action. It’s a bird Beware, fellow gamers, this caped crusader won’t save you from a plethora of mediocre games in the arcades, but rather make them look good by comparison. Taito has obviously underestimated today’s arcade audience in banking on the comic book license and sacrificing game play in this Double Dragon look-alike as if we need another one.

The object of the game is to defeat an onslaught of enemy characters that approach Superman. The caped crusader may punch or kick the enemy. By holding the punch button down, Superman can increase strength and then release a powerful Blast Punch to knock out several enemies in one blow.

Superman can also pick up garbage crates, and cars and lift them overhead to throw at an enemy. Power-up items can also be collected and include an item to destroy all enemies on the screen, additional energy, and a Super Blast Punch. Unfortunately, the enemy’s actions are simple and predictable. Even the Boss enemies at the end of the round are not all that intriguing.

A two-player cooperative option is also included ala Double Dragon for team play an odd looking red Superman joins the action. To its credit, the graphics are above average.

Superman and the enemies are large, well designed, muscular characters that look like they popped right out of a comic book. Unfortunately, the animation is so simplistic that the characters just don’t come to life like they should.

Furthermore, and this is the most detracting feature of the game, the character graphics are obviously overlayed on top of the background graphics. The background images serve only as wallpaper; there is no collision detection with the buildings and other background objects.

To be honest sorry Clark , not even cryptonite can save this game. Superman is a conservative effort that lacks game play depth or originality. The game may perhaps serve as a training ground for younger gamers, but for you veterans, your heroic efforts are better spent somewhere else. From the asphalt jungle of the underworld to the far reaches of outer space, the Man of Steel’s arch-enemies have conspired to enslave the world and destroy Superman in the process.

Only you can stop them. Find them with your X-Ray Vision. Freeze them with your Super Breath. Fry them with your Heat Vision. Flash through the air at the speed of light, or gather your strength for the Super Spin, to bore through the center of the Earth.

But watch out! If their Kryptonite gets to you before you get to your enemies, it’s the end of Truth, Justice, and the American Way! You know that it is usually not good news when a game gets delayed for nearly a year. The cause of delays in games is usually due to the fact that the game is just not coming together as expected.

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