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Speedypc pro full version free download with crack


Plus, the system scan also takes care of privacy files. These are history files, temporary files, and assorted data that build up over time. They take up space on your computer, but they also put your privacy at risk to hackers and scammers. SpeedyPC Pro cleans them out fast. With an expanded tool set, SpeedyPC Pro also lets you defragment your hard drive, optimize restore points, remove unwanted startup items, delete annoying browser add-ons, tweak active processes, as well as identify and open unknown file types.

Technical Information Name. If it has too much happening, your speed and performance can take a drastic swan dive. SpeedyPC Pro manages your computer’s resources for improved performance. Protect your privacy If someone has access to your computer, they could learn a lot about you. Information stored on your PC through your normal Internet and file use could be used for identity theft, targeted phishing scams and other fraud attempts. SpeedyPC Pro cleans away all traces of your private and confidential information.

It wipes away passwords, credit card numbers and other personal and financial information. Clean up clutter You computer does a great job of saving information – maybe too good. Over time, your PC fills up with unneeded junk files, temporary items and clutter. These files are unneeded and just take up space.

SpeedyPC Pro sweeps away useless junk and clutter Another aspect of your computer that can get cluttered is your web browser. Optimization: Improve the data save for a long time.

Extension: All extension file has appeared on your system desktop. It can also find and eliminate it. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search Search for:. Errors and corruption in the Windows registry can lead to instability, poor performance, sluggishness, error messages and other problems.

SpeedyPcPro solves all these issues. SpeedyPC Pro force the Windows registry to clean:. System Requirements:. SpeedyPc Pro v3. Download Link.


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By Speedypc. SpeedyPC Pro is a product developed by Speedypc. This site is not directly affiliated with Speedypc. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Windows Drivers Wallpapers. SpeedyPC Pro for Windows. User Rating. In just 2 minutes, you can fix computer errors and boost speed. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or another browser, you frequently receive add-ons, plug-ins and extensions when you install other software.

These are called browser helper objects BHOs. Some can be helpful, but others just distract from your browser’s use and look junky. SpeedyPC Pro helps you get rid of unwanted browser add-ons. Optimize memory Your computer is like a squirrel, storing its information wherever it can. Over time this means parts of your files are spread out throughout your hard drive. In order for the files to be used, your computer must track down all of the parts and reassemble them.

This can take a lot of time. By defragmenting your computer’s memory, all of parts of files are put in contiguous areas. This means more room and faster recall. Help open file extensions There are countless file types and formats out there:.

SpeedyPC Pro helps you open file extensions you don’t know or recognize. You simply type in the extension and it finds the software you need – removing the frustration of trial and error. Handle restore points effectively Restore points can best be described as a snapshot of your computer’s settings at that moment. It can scan your system completely. It can also recognize the problems in your Windows.

While database very quickly and smoothly which slows down your computer. This tool eliminates all errors and meaningless message s on your desktop. It also removes taskbar clusters. Therefore goes about eliminating these problems, which means no more slow computer. SpeedyPC Pro license key also eliminates the clusters, error messages, freezing, crashes, or unreliable performance.

Finally is better for the system. Get rid of malware: Nasty programs can cause a threat to your computer.


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It can scan your system completely. This software also removes all and harmful data for PC. Extension: All extension file has appeared on your system desktop. Plus, the system scan also takes care of privacy files. SpeedyPC Pro force the Windows registry to clean:.

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