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Players begin the game as an infantryman armed with a pistol and grenades, with additional weapons in the form of rifles, machine guns, and bazookas earned during their tour of duty. A total of 24 missions are available, spread across three separate campaigns. Players will experience the war through American, British, and Russian points of view, allowing them to step into the roles of three soldiers on the front lines who must endure three different operations.

Vehicles such as tanks, jeeps, and more can also be commandeered for the war effort. From the American perspective, players will take part in the events leading to the D-Day Invasion after first being dropped behind enemy lines. The British campaign involves the assault on Pegasus Bridge, while the Battle of Stalingrad serves as the backdrop for the Russian storyline.

The one constant in each campaign is that players will not be alone in their missions, becoming part of a squad that fights together as a team, providing cover fire, dragging wounded comrades to safety, sabotaging key installations, and offering each other support. Battles will take place within towns, forests, POW camps, and more, with mortar fire, enemy snipers, and other hazards lurking at every corner.

Call of Duty is a brilliant action game from beginning to end, and is packed with so many amazing moments that it’s my leading candidate for the best PC game of , and there’s a good argument to be made that’s it’s the best WWII shooter ever. Call of Duty is the first product from developer Infinity Ward. If you’ve been following development of the title, you already know that that most of the team came from , where they developed ‘s stellar Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for EA.

That game, more than any before it, used lots of scripting, cinematic presentation, epic battles and amazing sound effects to make you feel like you were inside a WWII movie. As you might expect, there are a lot of similarities between the two titles, and yet Call of Duty manages to one-up Allied Assault at almost every turn. The game is split into three Allied campaigns: American, British and Russian.

Each of these parallel campaigns starts around D-Day and continues through Europe until the fall of Berlin in In each campaign, you assume the role of a particular grunt, but you’re almost always surrounded by friendly soldiers fighting alongside you.

Sometimes you’re working with a small squad fighting your way across the countryside; other times you’re just one face in a huge army swarming across a battlefield, making good on the game’s tagline: “No Man Fights Alone. These epic missions, more than anything else, are what sets Call of Duty apart from just about any other game out today.

Where Allied Assault had the stellar “Omaha Beach” mission, Call of Duty is jam packed with incredible set pieces, each more unforgettable than the next. For example, the British campaign opens with two frantic missions set at Pegasus Bridge, a huge outdoor area that you’ll try to defend using everything at your disposal — your weapons, your squad, mounted guns and even a flak cannon capable of destroying incoming tanks.

The Russian campaign opens with two similarly memorable missions. In “Stalingrad,” you don’t even pick up a gun — you get to act as bait, diving from cover to cover as buildings come crashing down around you, and you’ll find yourself replaying the mission just to get a good look at everything happening across the level.

You finally get to bear arms in “Red Square,” which offers a stirring scene as the Russians storm the famous landmark. Later, in “Pavlov’s House,” there’s a nailbiter of a scene where you need to survive for five minutes as wave after wave of soldiers come flooding up the stairs of a crumbling building, enemy tanks demolishing the walls around you. Once you’ve finished all three campaigns, there are three great final missions one for each country that act as an epilogue to the campaigns.

What makes these missions work is that even though they’re filled with scripted events, they almost always offer numerous routes to victory. I could spend pages offering strategies for the Pegasus Bridge missions — you know certain things are going to happen at a certain time, but there are also things under your control, such as how far the Germans advance in certain areas or the protection of the precious flak cannon.

Similarly, there are any number of ways to approach “Pavlov’s House”: if you’re quick enough, you can take out the tanks before they reach your position, or you can hunker down and try and fight everyone off until Allied reinforcements arrive. Call of Duty also offers a few more densely scripted missions, such as an American level where you’re riding in a car, shooting Germans out the window and hanging on for dear life, or a similar truck ride in the British campaign where you’re firing Panzerfausts at roadblocks and other enemies.

These missions play out like something straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark — they offer lots of split-second narrow escapes, and are dropped in just often enough to provide a welcome change of pace. Of course, you get to drive a tank during the Russian campaign, yet another memorable level in a game chock full of them them. Technically, Call of Duty gets the job done. None of that matters, however, once you’ve seen the game in motion.

Infinity Ward has done a great job coaxing new life into the Quake III engine, and Call of Duty has more than its fair share of breathtaking scenes and visuals. While the models look reminiscient of those from Allied Assault, the animations do a great job of bringing your fellow soldiers to life. There’s a great “shellshock” effect that I experienced maybe half a dozen times through the game when caught near a big explosion — your player falls to the ground, the graphics blur, and the sound cuts and eventually fades back in after a few seconds.

Aided by the solid tech, Call of Duty boasts an excellent combat model. It’s never easy to make weapons “feel” right in a shooter, but everything here feels solid and tight. I’ve always used the right mouse button to jump going as far back as Quake II, but for Call of Duty, I’ve changed my config for the first time, thanks to the ability to look down the sight “LDS” of any weapon for increased accuracy.

In the later missions, sniping is an absolute joy — you’ll swerve in your seat as your soldier runs from cover to cover, diving to the ground, peeking out around corners and firing off headshots with pinpoint accuracy. The weapons are brought to life by some fantastic sound effects, from the “ding” of the Garand to the sound of a sniper’s bullet echoing across canyons.

I realize force-feedback mice haven’t caught on yet, but with the sound cranked up, you can feel the game crack and rumble with every shot, which really helps you feel connected to the action. There’s some brief but adequate voice work from Giovanni Ribisi Lost in Translation, Saving Private Ryan and Jason Statham The Transporter, Snatch in the American and British campaigns, respectively, and there’s also a sparse orchestral score that’s effectively introduced to stir emotions at key moments.

All this could easily have fallen apart, because Call of Duty certainly doesn’t have the greatest AI in the world. Sure, enemies can do basic things like duck for cover or peek out and shoot, but just as often, they’ll also rush forward mindlessly or stand out in the open, daring you to shoot them. You’re never fooled into thinking that the enemies are that smart I can only remember a handful of times that they tried to flush me out using grenades , and if the game consisted of hours of mindless run-and-shoot, it simply wouldn’t be that much fun.

Instead, Call of Duty succeeds the same way Allied Assault did: with lots of AI scripting, excellent enemy placement, and an effective combat model that simply does not allow you to run around unchecked in the open.

I can’t remember the last game I played where I had to duck and go prone so often simply to get out of the line of fire, and it’s not because the enemies have superhuman aim; it’s because they’re where they’re supposed to be. Your enemies may not be rocket scientists, but you’ll need to think on your feet, plotting strategies and looking for the best way to attack a given situation, because running straight ahead will only get you cut down in seconds.

Want to try to take on a dozen Germans all by yourself? You might want to consider softening them up from afar with your sniper rifle and a few well-placed grenades first. There are a few tough sequences and you’ll need to engage in a bit of quicksaves and reloading nothing anywhere near as rough as MOHAA’s “Snipertown,” thankfully , but it never reaches the point where it takes away from the fun.

We’ve seen it in Halo and it’s present here: no key hunts, no jumping puzzles, no unforgiving stealth sequences or end-level bosses — instead, the “puzzles” in Call of Duty lie solely in your ability to size up a situation, plan out a strategy and then pull it off. It may sound high-falootin’ to say, but these sequences engage your mind as well as your reflexes, and it’s the best innovation to hit shooters in years.

It’s worth mentioning that Call of Duty isn’t the longest game ever made; in fact, I blazed through the entire single-player campaign in about 7 hours. Gamers often obsess about game lengths, but I think this trend — sacrificing length in favor of superior content — is a good one, and you’ll hardly feel shortchanged at the end.

Almost every one of Call of Duty’s 24 missions is a keeper, and I’d rather have polished, densely-packed games like this instead of hour titles artificially padded with uninspired gameplay. Call of Duty manages to remain interesting from beginning to end, and as I mentioned in the opening the missions are so much fun to play that I can’t wait to run through the entire thing again.

If you’re concerned that length might be an issue, it doesn’t hurt that Call of Duty features some excellent multiplayer support. At its roots, it’s not much different from what was in Allied Assault — for basic deathmatch, you can carry around one main weapon at a time and choose something new before each respawn or loot the bodies of other players. However, Infinity Ward what does that name mean, anyway?

If nothing else, it’s an awesome tool for learning map strategies and will keep snipers on their toes. Played out in a round-based last-man-standing format, one team tries to accomplish an objective such as blowing up a flak gun , while the other team tries to protect it.

The last mode, called “Retrieval,” is best described as one-flag CTF, where one team needs to steal an item and return it to their base. Most of these modes are enjoyable to play, mainly because the weapons, the basic combat model, the tech and the maps are all solid. All eleven multiplayer maps are variations of single-player missions tweaked for multiplayer and offer a variety of strategies; our team games have been a blast. There’s nothing here as deep as Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory’s class-based objective-based modes, and it’s not a Battlefield killer by any stretch, but it’s not hard to see both Allied Assault and Counter-Strike fans finding something to enjoy here.

Call of Duty is more than just an action game; it’s an intense, finely tuned thrill ride that will have you ducking in your chair and clutching your mouse until your knuckles turn white. It feels as if Infinity Ward looked at Allied Assault, said “we can do this better,” and then went out and did it. WWII shooters are a dime a dozen these days, but the truth is that Call of Duty could be reskinned for the Middle East or a sci-fi epic and it would still be a great game — the engine is solid, the combat is great and the presentation is top-notch.

If you’re interested in action games at all, you owe it to yourself to download a copy of this epic and fire it up the second you can.

Contact: , done in 0. Search a Classic Game:. Download full Call of Duty: Download 1. Call of Duty screenshots:. The Final Word Call of Duty is more than just an action game; it’s an intense, finely tuned thrill ride that will have you ducking in your chair and clutching your mouse until your knuckles turn white.


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Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Sign up for free Log in. PC Games Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Videogame and Computer Game Magazines. The Magazine Rack. You probably knew it and that might be the reason you are here in the first place.

You have been warned. This game contains lots of senseless violence and blood. So if you think you might feel offended by this, don’t like this kind of game or if you are still a minor below 18 years This is the demo for Trainz Railroad Simulator a game that lets players operate their choice of locomotives, from the golden age of steam through to modern high-speed electrics, under a variety of challenging conditions in real world scenarios.

From top secret, cutting edge weapons to secret forces and secret places, a new level of drama and excitement will be added to the Battlefield experience. Many of the new vehicles and weapons featured in Secret Roam the dense foliage, come face to face with royal trouble and battle against Prince John’s forces in Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood. Take up the role of the legendary nobleman, Robin Hood, and team up with Little John and his Merry Men as the battle for the King’s throne ensues.

A fascinating world with strong-willed, powerful characters, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood takes you on a voyage through medieval Sherwood with a fistful of arrows and a heart full of courage. Join PC gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure. The game puts you in control of a real cute creature named Fatman who is, to say, not that fat and definitely far from being lazy. A devoted treasure hunter, Fatman discovers a mystery forest mentioned in ancient legends as both dangerous and promising spot for an adventurer like him.

On his way to collecting all the treasure of the sacred woods Fatman will have to face cruel monsters guarding precious diamonds and Game starts where most other games end: Akuji has been an evil demon for centuries and brought pain and deaths to mankind. But one day a great hero showed up, defeated Akuji and his vicious power was sealed into nine stones.

The hero married the princess, became king and they lived happy ever after You take the role of Akuji and have to find the nine stones that were hidden somewhere in the Lost Underground to get your power back and have your revenge on the brave knight Tetris is everlasting!

This game is a real masterpiece in multiplicity of computer puzzle games. Since the beginning of 3D Games Age you have never seen such exciting tetris as this game is! Tetris will surprise you with wonderful 3D effects: oscillating blocks, moving interactive frame, nice 3D gameplay. Also you will enjoy unusual bonuses such as the bomb that blows up several lines of blocks, rotating bonus, special figures and others. Try all of numerous game options – they will make Meeting little resistance in the desert, the main coalition force presses onward to victory.

Your lonely mission to remain behind as rear-guard becomes a ferocious clash when the enemy’s elite forces regroup to wage a last desperate surprise attack. The enemy thought it would be easy to roll over you and chew through the unsuspecting coalition force. They were dead wrong.

The long awaited sequel to the kind of the “tycoon” games is here! Railroad Tycoon 3 realizes your dream of establishing and running a railroad empire. Build rail lines, purchase trains and start hauling cargo to begin building your railroad.

Expand your business into major cities, acquire and dominate industries, manipulate the stock market, and force your competitors into bankruptcy to become the ultimate Railroad Tycoon. Make your fortune the old fashioned way — take it from In Rise of Nations Trial Version, you can choose between four of the 18 nations featured in the retail version of Rise of Nations. You will be able to play through the tutorial and then try your hand on the field of battle on one of four different map types.

Runs faster on my pc. Not supported by my pc, so I can’t tell.. Credits: : Thanks to all the people at Remakes. And thanks to all the guys that coded those wild Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Role playing games, Game remakes.

I’ve always been a Mahjongg Solitaire fan. I wanted to write my own version, because I couldn’t find a game with all the features I dreamed of Kyodai Mahjongg was born on March 1st, I hope you will like it too! Kyodai Mahjongg is a great version of the famous Mahjongg Solitaire or Shanghai oriental game. The purpose of the game is to remove all the tiles from a board.

The tiles must be removed by pairs. They have to be free on their left or right side, otherwise you can’t remove Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Board games. Videogioco gratuito “La bisca del Califfo – 7 e mezzo” per Windows. Realizzato con Macromedia Flash Player 6.

Topics: video game, Windows, card game, Franco Califano. Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the sequel to the award-winning simulation Tropico. As a Pirate King, rule a secret pirate island full of despicable 17th century sea dogs.

Fuel your economy by plundering wealthy merchant ships and taking prisoners back to the island as captive workers. Keep your scurvy buccaneers satisfied with rowdy gambling, jolly feasting, and barrels of rum. World powers fear you, brigands respect you, captives obey your every command, and don’t forget about the wenching! Point and click adventure game created with Adventure Game Studio.

Introduction II. The original III. How to play IV. About the remake V. Compiling the source B. The only important part of this file is chapter III, which has some information you might find useful when actually playing our remake, and the appendix, Beetle Ju is a game inspired by old Digger concept. You’re playing as a small beetle named Ju shortening for “Junior” and your aim it to clear your home dungeon flooded with evil and treacherous monsters that appeared from nowhere.

At the start of the fourth millennium, the newly settled Sirius star system is controlled by the four major houses, which cooperate and compete based on their shifting political agendas.

As freelancer Edison Trent, you can fight for law and order as a naval soldier, find your fortune trading commodities, steal and loot as a space pirate, or maybe even do a bit of all three. Gameplay features 3D character interaction, an immersive storyline, and an intuitive mouse-look control system for The perfect ballistics gives an astonishing illusion of handling real objects.

It offers three levels of difficulty, each with 61 runs. The game consists in letting balls roll on a plate and control them to their respective supports without falling off, controlling the inclination of the plate using the arrows of your keyboard.

From renowned game designer Rick Goodman and respected game developer Stainless Steel Studios comes a detailed RTS that lets you completely command unique, historically accurate civilizations-from China to Germany to the United States. Each civilization’s strengths and weaknesses affect the gameplay experience. Your ability to adapt to these differences is only one of the challenges you will face as a world leader Unexpectedly, your monotonous life is ahttered by a chilling distress signal, plunging you into an adventure beyond belief.

Violent turmoil among the races has erupted on your watch. Thrust into a conflict that will determine the fate of the galaxy, you are humanity’s only hope for salvation. Only you can prevent the Awakening. The continuation from the last demo for Call of Duty is available from Activision. After taking over the village of St. Claw your way up through the amateur ranks to prove yourself in the professional world of skating. The world’s best skateboarding game reinvents itself to give users the real-life experience of a hardened amateur skater.

A completely new career mode with a “Go Pro” theme complements the same game aspects that have made Tony Hawk Pro Skater such a phenomenon. Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Sports games. At the time of archiving, the developer released the commercial game “Ant War: Domination” and they don’t seem to be publishing the old Windows version any more.

Splinter Cell invites gamers to delve into the dark shadows of cyber-terrorism, shadow agencies, and covert operations. The player controls Sam Fisher, a solo operative directed by a top secret, “black ops” wing of the National Security Agency. Alone, yet armed with some of the best hi-tech weapons on the market, Sam walks the fine line between what is legal and what is necessary.

The Xidus have been developing another secret, an even more powerful DemonStar Fleet to destroy Earth. Your job is to battle your way through hordes of new enemies, and destroy their devastating new weapons! The second in the new series of DemonStar spinoff titles using an enhanced version of the original engine.

Secret Missions 2 is DemonStar infused with arcade quality graphics, sound FX and backed up with all new levels and music soundtrack. The game takes place in the mystic oriental land of Gensokyo, as usual. In the game’s scenario, May has already begun, yet the winter storms show no signs of stopping just yet.

The colors and button labeling is fairly randomized, but you can customize it to a small degree if you prefer. Enjoyable for ambient atmosphere in your computer work-area. Topic: DOS extras. So I included 2 files, Run Conan64 Hires, if the other one gives you problems, When running the Hires version, Just press alt-enter to get an almost perfect full screen version like the other file, but it DOES mess up the graphics sometimes. The sounds are compressed in the Hires. I made it x just to make sure it still looks Commodorish.

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games, Game remakes. The world’s most notorious drivers meet each night on the streets of LA, Paris and Tokyo. Choose from the latest performance enhanced cars and motorbikes and compete head-to-head to make a name for yourself. What rules? Drive anywhere in the city. Find the fastest route to win. The cops know you are out there – don’t get busted. Prepare yourself for the evolution of drive-anywhere, fuel injected non-linear racing. Risk it all, take the challenge, rise through the ranks of global Together with people from all over the globe you experience adventure, you form societies, and you are a part in the creation of a brand new world.

While on the planet Calypso you use the PED currency to invest in your personal development. The assets you acquire can be exchanged back into real world funds. Project Entropia is available around the clock for decades to come.

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Role playing games. You play as a commander of the Republic that is to defend a canyon from invasion forces. You have 3 guns to help you out with this task.

You have 5 groups of Clone Troopers, 4 groups of Jedis and 2 air strikes to help you out in each wave You lose the game when either 50 enemies have passed you or you loose all three guns. Funny enough I lost my last gun when I was all out of men and there was one enemy walking towards my gun shooting it.

When he passed he would have been number 50 to pass Stranded is a 3D survival adventure. You play a guy who is stranded and your aim is to escape from this lonely desert island. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Without any knowledge how to create tools and weapons, without any food and water, but with a lot of wild lions just waiting for you to get near, will you even survive long enough to see the next morning?

Tux and Penny were out having a nice picnic on the ice fields of Antarctica. Suddenly, a creature jumped from behind an ice bush, there was a flash, and Tux fell asleep! When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny is missing. Where she lay before now lies a letter. The path to my fortress is littered with my minions. Give up on the thought of trying to reclaim her, you Topics: Windows games, Linux games, Vintage computer games, Action games.

The Walls of Jericho is an awesome puzzle game where you use simple mix and match to crumble stone blocks. Your faithful followers won’t stay around forever, though, unless you can solve the puzzle, activate powerful combos and bring down the walls! Click-drag blocks to move them around. Match 3 or more of a kind in a row to crumble them. Unlike many other click-and-match games, you can drag blocks as far as you want.

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Puzzle games. The game isn’t very hard I don’t think you’ll ever score below , but it’s still challenging to play a perfect bowling game with a score of Controlling is very easy and it works fine just with the mouse.

There are just a few options and these mainly have a graphical influence on the game like colour of the ball or number of lanes.

You can find many freeware This demo lets you play one of many animals that are racing to see who’s fastest. So take to your vehicle and find your way through the tracks beating out all other animals to prove your the fastest animal in the world! You wake to find yourself on a desolate strip of New England beach. Your head is pounding from a near-fatal bullet wound and you have no sense of a memory. Now you must figure out who you are and why you’re the prime suspect for the president’s murder.

To save your life, you must find out who is really behind the presidential assassination and government cover up. You need to eliminate Warlords IV is a unique blend of roleplaying and turn-based strategy gaming. The game centers around your Hero, who plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of your military and economic efforts. Warlords IV is set in the troubled land of Etheria. Old foes such as Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs have resumed their ancient hostilities, and the Undead legions of Lord Bane have returned.

The Knights continue their quest for dominance, and the unquiet whispers speak of the Empire, a race even more The endless darkness and the somber, long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as thousands of blood-thirsty creatures fill its offices, storehouses and mysterious laboratories. Your mission is simple: clear the base at all costs.

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