Opportunity to become a millionaire in 36 months ( 10 lakhs to 7.5 Crores in 36 months

Tech Investors

Opportunity to become a millionaire in 36 months ( 10 lakhs to 7.5 Crores )

It's a great opportunity for the retail investors to be part of Profit running business from Day 1 with ZERO or very low investment. You can involve actively in all the operations and decision making of the college / Franchise assigned. You are the CEO of your location  / college / Franchise. That's the beauty of our business model.

Investment: INR 10 lakhs ( For 100 Persons only) - 10 Lakhs will be completely spent by you in 24 months on the franchise assigned. ZERO to JALA Academy.

Expected Returns : 3X in 24 Months (30 lakhs – Guaranteed either by profit sharing or Stock transfer. Stocks will still be with you if we generate 30 lakhs profit in 24 months)

Skills: Good to have experience in IT Companies or Nice heart to help people up-skill.

Fund Requirement : INR.10 Crores ($1.5 Million)

Projected Company value : $100 Million in 24 months, $1 Billion in 36 months.

Every Investors share in 36 months: $1 Million (7.5 Crores)

Estimated placements: 1000 in 2022, 10,000 in 2023, 30,000 in 2024.

Income from Each Placement: INR 1,00,000

Competition: ZERO for the next 10 years.

Time commitment: Mandatory to spend 10 hours a week ( online or offline).

Benefits of investing in JALA Academy:

10% Shares are allocated to Tech Investors exclusively. The shares will be transferred in the next round of fund raising. Necessary agreements will be made.

This opportunity is only 100 Tech Investors. These 100 people will be running the operations across India. Every Franchise / College  is assigned to one Investor and profit will be shared right from Day 1. Exclusive rights for 5 years in your location. Profit sharing on the revenue generated from your location.

You can involve in the business operations directly and help the Franchise / College grow to generate profits.

You will get an opportunity to be part of the leadership team as company grows.

Why We do not Fail

11 Years effort, Studied 10,000 students, More than 2000 placements, 2 crores investment, and a lot more work done to arrive at this billion dollar profitable business plan.

We are a team of 100 like-minded Tech people to cover the entire India in less than 12 months. If everybody places a 100 candidates, you are a millionaire. You can do your own math.

Profit running company from Day 1.

ZERO upfront investment to run the operations. Every rupee of investors' money will be used only to develop the business and  the amount is spent by you.

Break Even period is less than 3 months. 100 % clarity on the business direction.

Well tested business Plan is ready to make it a Billion Dollar company in 36 months.

More loss running businesses will be joining us very soon from all over India as we are paying their Office Rent from 91st  Day.

Best marketing strategies at almost zero cost to touch the hearts of job seekers.

Would you like to be part of JALA Academy journey to help 1000s of people find IT Jobs. Exciting? Let's discuss how we can make it a reality.

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