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Finally, at the brink of civil war, Septiego, the Sword Master , led a legion of Lucien’s bravest men back to the Land of Disaster, and the Ancient City at its heart.

The Ancient City was rumored to be the resting place of the mysterious Forest Folk, the enigmatic creators of the Idol. Prince Devian Rosberg, nobility from Heladin’s neighboring country, Azalin, was a student of Septiego, and a wicked swordsman in his own right. Approached in the night by a stranger, Devian was given the Idol of Sorrow, and instructions to return it to the Ancient City, lest its evil corrupt all the lands in a foul darkness. Sorrowful over the loss of his friend, but knowing the duty he must perform, Devian sets out to return the idol, and in so doing, you begin your quest.

Playing Prince Devian is no small challenge. First, unlike most RPG’s, King’s Field relies on a first person interface, where you look through the eyes of your character at all times. This works rather well in first person shooting games, where aim, speed, and reflex are all vitally important. I firmly believe this could’ve been a good appearance for King’s Field , were it not for the depressingly slow movement of the controls. Your character moves sluggishly whether he’s moving forward, back, strafing left or right.

I’ve personally never known anyone who took three seconds to raise their head to look at the ceiling, but who knows, maybe all my friends are actually squirrels That aside, the game proceeds smoothly through the introduction cutscenes.

Remarkably sparse in detail, they give you just enough information to get through the start of the game, and nothing more. For those of you looking for more detail on the story of King’s Field: The Ancient City, be sure to check out Agetec’s website. Once finished, you’re put right into the game, standing outside a locked and barred door, looking down a tall stone trench, with a cave just ahead of you, and various patches of lava dotting the landscape.

That’s where I first died. Less than three seconds in. I’d moved forward about one step when the screen tilted back and my character screamed, indicating that he’d suffered the humiliation of humiliations, being killed by a piece of scenery.

The second go, I realized that there were small patches of discolored ground that may or may not drop out from underneath you as you walk across them, pitching you into lava. Consider that a free hint on behalf of the GameFabrique staff. Be sure to take note of the fact that your character can’t swim until later in the game, meaning that any underwater areas are instant death like oh so many different areas in the game. Also, obstacles like a small barrel, something you could easily climb over in real life, are yet again an impassable obstruction, until you’re strong enough to break them.

Proceeding further through the game, you’re given the usual obstacles to overcome, with pitfalls, puzzles, and of course, lots and lots of monsters. Interacting with characters is a simple matter of pressing the ‘event’ button next to them, and listening to them spew out simple, repetitive dialogue, none of which is actually spoken, but displayed in text on your screen.

After a lengthy bit of exploring and efforts to horde money to afford some equipment, I came to two conclusions:. Much to its credit, the designers of King’s Field: The Ancient City did a good job on the graphical design of the game. While some areas are relatively poor graphically speaking, a lot of them do look quite good, and for once, I was happily presented with pre-packaged cutscenes that were not only good looking, but designed smartly, hiding such flaws as an inaccurate face behind masks and helms.

All the characters in the game have a good, unique look that lets them appear more realistic instead of looking like distorted versions of one basic character model.

The outdoor scenes, while sparse, can be some of the more impressive parts of the game. The graphics and audio will immerse you at the get-go.

It’s not an RPG, but close enough. King’s Field is hands down a must-play game for any RPG enthusiast. Some people may comment on the game playing very slowly or being sluggish. This title has all the great aspects of a true RPG, including items to pick up and equip, but also has an adventure feel to it because of the strategy used in doing battle with the enemies.

Do not plan on finishing this one for quite some time. Thumbs up RPGers rejoice! This first-person perspective RPG does not have mind-blowing graphics, but they are nice and clean. The game takes you through many places and pits you agamst huge snails, man-eating plants and much more. This game is not for those who constantly want action; in fact, it moves quite slowly, but true RPGers will enjoy the hundreds of hours of qameplay King’s Field has to offer.

This combines the Doom type of maze fighting with some elements of RPG games to create a fun and challenging game. The graphics and sounds are good but nothing more exceptional than computer gamers are used to. People who are crazy for 3-D textured-map games will simply love the look of it. Personally, I found the game slightly above average-looking and frustrating at times.

I really wish there was an on-the-spot save feature. ASCii’s first entry into the PlayStation arena is an interactive adventure with role-playing elements. Playing from a first-person perspective, you set out on a vast journey to dispatch the evil monster Necron and return the powerful Moonlight Sword to the king. Despite the unusual first-person approach, King’s Field II throws pieces of the RPG book at you, like hit points, magic points, and various weapons.

Plus you’ll battle more than 30 otherworldly beasts like skeletons. Many years ago, a holy monument was erected in a cave deep in the forests of Verdite. This monument was in honor of the Highest Elf.

On the monument an inscription read “It is written. A great ship has fallen from the heavens. It struck the island of Melanat, and was buried deep in the island. Those who come from far away lands to seek its buried treasure shall never return alive. Never approach the island A young warrior named Alfred set out on a mission to the island of Melanat to search for his father who had left years ago to slay the monsters on Melanat.

Alfred was unsuccessful in his quest to find his father but along the way he managed to slay the monsters of the island, find the magical moonlight sword and return safely to his home land. Upon his return to the gates of his home land, all of the townsfolk were amazed and crowned him the new king of Veridite.

A few years later, new monsters started to appear in the caverns near Veridite. King Alfred set out to slay the monsters but found the moonlight sword missing. Without this sword, he was unable to defeat the monsters. The king dispatched search parties to find the stolen sword. Every village was searched to no avail.

The only place the sword could be was the island. The king dispatched his soldiers to the island in hopes of regaining his sword. None of the soldiers ever returned. Several months later, the king’s best friend, Alexander, arrived at the castle to visit the king. Upon hearing of all of the events that had transpired over the past months, Alexander volunteered to go to the island, slay the monsters, and return the sword.

While crossing the channels to the island, his ship was attacked by sea monsters and was destroyed. Alexander became entangled in seaweed and managed to drift to the shore of the island. King’s Field is an adventure Role Playing game that puts you behind the controls of Alexander on his quest to slay the monsters of the island and return the moonlight sword to the king.

The game is set in a dark, 3D environment and all you have to do is kill a few monsters, find the sword and, oh yeah, survive. This is a new twist on this type of game, and is actually a good twist. The object of the game is to fight your way through monsters, explore the caverns of the island and ultimately, defeat the monsters and find the missing moonlight sword.

This is not an easy task or an easy game. You start the game washing ashore of the island. You find yourself in knee deep water with various see creatures swimming close by. As you first climb out of the water, you have a second to get your bearings, and then you are thrust into battle against the monsters of the island.

You begin your quest armed only with a dagger that is less than effective. This weapon is about as good as kicking the monsters, which you unfortunately can’t do. Throughout the caverns and levels of King’s Field, you will find various items and health revivals.

You have the ability to learn spells that will help in your quest. You can find the ability to cast both offensive and defensive magics. The magics are broken up into five different categories — fire, wind, light, earth and water. Each of the magics has its own special attributes and is used better in certain situations.

The defensive magics are used to heal your player’s Hit Points, cure poisons and illuminate dark areas. The magic is essential for survival. Along your journey, you will encounter a number of people.

Some of the people are there to help you so talk with them often. Keep talking with them until they can offer no new information. You will also come across merchants that you can buy and sell items from. Along the way in your journey, you will find gold, crystal and other valuable objects that can be traded for weapons from the mechanist. You will also find key shops where you can duplicate keys, a crystal shop where you can trade crystals for other items and a fortune teller that will help identify and explain items to you. – King’s Field II PSX Rom.King’s Field: The Ancient City Download | GameFabrique

Released in on Windows, it’s still available and playable with some Alt name, Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool Download MB. › ROMs › Playstation. King’s Field is an adventure Role Playing game that puts you behind the controls of Alexander on his quest to slay the monsters of the island and return the.


Kings field pc download. Kings Field


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