Multiple Earning Opportunities

Internship for Full Stack Development (Java/.NET/Python) and QA

Eligibility: B.E/ B.Tech/ M.C.A/ M.Tech/Any Technical Qualification
Year Of Pass out: 2023, 2024 and 2025
Work Hours: 4 Hours a Day, Work From Anywhere, No Fixed hours

Job Role: Intern

Fee: Free Training, And placement guarantee in one of the partner companies in less than 90 Days.

Stipend is up to 20K per month.

Interns need to work on the latest technologies to build tools that support “Training without Trainers” Platform. It is a great opportunity for anyone to be an expert on the latest Technologies in less than 6 months.

Job is guaranteed within  6 months. Salary varies anywhere between 3.6 lakhs to 10.5 lakhs.

Company Profile: visit to know about the company.


  • Basic Programming skills on any Language
  • Interested to learn new things every day
  • Committed to complete the tasks as per the schedule
  • Confidence to face the Technical challenges
  • Creative and innovative
  • Ability to spend 4 to 8 Hours every Day
  • Desire to get a JOB in an MNC within 6 months


  • Opportunity to work with the co-founders
  • Opportunity to become the Mentor to earn 7.5 Crores in 36 months
  • Opportunity to learn the latest Technologies
  • Training worth 1 lakh for free
  • Guaranteed JOB within 6 months in one of the MNCs

Work Mode: Part-time, Work From Anywhere forever

Tech Mentors

Tech Mentors who are passionate helping people in getting Jobs while aspiring to be a millionaire in less than 36 months.


  • Should complete all the Assignments that are already available to know the strategy of Training without Trainers Model
  • Minimum 6 Years of Development/Test Automation experience. No teaching experience required.
  • Should be able to learn and guide the students on the latest Technologies.
  • Should be able to develop the content that requires ZERO dependency on the trainers.
  • Ability to mentor, motivate and guide 100 Job seekers at any time.
  • Need to own 100% responsibility for the placements of the Job seekers.

Mentorship Hours:

 Daily 2 Hours any time( Preferably in the evenings)


No Fixed Salary, Revenue share in the business. 10 times your current Salary in 36 months.

 Perks: Jaguar car of worth 1.5 crore in 3 years.

Stocks option: Shares will be allocated which will be worth 7.5 crores in 3 years.

Support to Succeed in your Role:

  • You come with right attitude and blank mind. you will be successful.
  • We do not need smart people or talented. Just need those who care for Job seekers.
  • Everything is in place, you just need to understand the Job seekers.

Work Mode: Part-time, Work From Anywhere forever