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The Computer Controlled teammates helps the players during the game missprotons by shooting enemies, clearing rooms for entry and by performing other tasks. The game features the multiplayer experience similar to that of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The game also features the cooperative game-play mode with up to the two players via the split screens. As of November the game has sold the Plus if you buy on steam you get all the DLC for free which is pretty cool.

This game still has the best Call of Duty campaign to date with a gritty violent story and some very unique level design and set pieces that add flavor to the gameplay. The campaign is what makes the game for me, and the moral standpoint is what captures and sells the game for me. This game shows the sheer barbarity can unfold in the often unwanted conflict of souls, twisted into fighting war. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files.

If you need additional help, click here. Popular Games. Then Dimitri and his platoon were forced to enter the U-Bahn to the city, because the city was literally collapsing from air attack.

These come down to subway platforms, and start fighting with soldiers entrenched in them. But a surge of water fills the tunnel and Dimitri, unable to avoid the wave, drowning, not knowing what happens to him. In the picture, the building is shown after the battle. The game then shifts back to the Pacific during the Battle of Okinawa , where the player takes control of Petty Officer Locke, gunner aboard a seaplane PBY Catalina , is involved in an attack on three Japanese merchant ships, which are directed toward Okinawa.

Having accomplished his mission, on his way back to the base, a US fleet is assaulted, replicating Operation Ten-Go. At the place in question, Locke is able to rescue a few American sailors in the sea, while hundreds of others die helplessly, plus end the Japanese torpedo boats and planes kamikazes.

With the PBY almost completely destroyed, and a kamikaze attack coming straight toward them, planes Americans arrive to help, saving the PBY miracle, ending the mission. In the game, the taking of Shuri Castle is the last step to beat the Japanese in Okinawa. The building is the last stage in the US campaign.

Then end with the Japanese in the trenches, allowing the advance of American tanks. Having cleared the entrance, they reach the center of the castle and kill the last Japanese resistance. Once inside this, they encounter Japanese soldiers who intend to surrender. However, when Roebuck and Polonsky approach them with the intention of taking them prisoner. These activate the grenades hidden under his clothes, when the player must choose to save either Roebuck or Polonsky well.

After the incident, the remaining American troops arrive to assist the squad and fight the remaining Japanese soldiers in the castle. Miller requested the airstrike to destroy the two buildings of the Castle. Americans take Shuri Castle fail, and the US campaign ends. The last words are those that come from the mind of Miller, who remembers what was said by Roebuck, saying how hard it has been throughout this work and will be home soon.

After returning to regroup with Soviet infantry, the Red Army then advances towards the Reichstag. Dimitri destroys four FlaK 88 mm to allow the tanks to advance, and to finish the rest of the German infantry. Reznov, Dimitri, and the remaining Soviet soldiers end up with all the defenders of the Reichstag to reach the roof. After all have been eliminated, Dimitri goes to put the Soviet flag as a sign of victory. Gameplay-wise, there is little to separate the two titles in terms of quality.

Both are perhaps the finest current examples of tightly scripted, linear rollercoasters, packing in as many extraordinary moments into their relatively short timespans as possible. World at War is a bit more expansive than COM, in terms of both level design and length. So the fact there are so many moments I’ll remember long after the game’s credits is a testament to the cinematic quality of the game.

Sadly, for some players the fact they’ll feel like they are playing a mod of C0D4 will be too difficult a barrier to overcome, especially when the scenarios are, at least initially, unexciting prospects for a COD veteran.

Nevertheless, if you can get over these obstacles, you’ll find yourself enjoying yet another example of exhilarating action. While World At War isn’t original and has moments lacking in inspiration the tank section, ugh it has refined the linear World War II shooter template as much as perhaps it can be.

Like Star Trek films we’ve come to expect the Call of Duty games if you take into account the ones released on consoles to run one good, one bad. However, now that former provenors of console-fare Treyarch have sat me down in front of the game, I’ve removed my cynicism goggles to look upon the series with fresh, blood-spattered eyes.

Dropping the number system, Call of Duty: World at War is a new start for the COD 3 developers – having been granted a lot more time to make the damn thing, and specialising on parts of the war not instantly recognisable to your average gamer – stuff like the Russian push on Berlin or, as I was recently shown, the conflict in the Pacific.

The raid of Makin Island, one of the first levels, starts with you tied to a chair, faced with a smug Japanese general. He puffs cigar smoke in your face, before turning to one of your comrades and shouting appropriately phrased Japanese at him. All standard fare until he takes that cigar and stubs it in your mate’s eye, the blood-curdling scream making even fellow enemies squirm, before they move into full-blown shock when he slits your comrade’s throat, spattering blood across the wall and the dead man’s shadow.

As the general grabs you by the hair and readies to kill you, there’s shouting, footsteps and a knife in your captor’s back. A marine pulls you to your feet, assures you you’re safe and shoves a gun into your hand, asking if you can fight.

As there isn’t a “bugger this” option, you’re well on your way into the most brutal portrayal of war you’ve ever seen. We wanted to make something new, something different,” smiles Mark Lamia, Treyarch studio head. Both in our history lessons and in most WWII games there’s a heavy focus on classical tank and infantry combat, with familiar soldiers and countryside dotting a stretch of countryside. Here, we see a rich, pine-laden Pacific and a different war, thanks to the unconventional style of warfare use by the Japanese.

While the banzai tactic of running, swords drawn, into the enemy is well-known, the Japanese fought in a brutal, mano a mano fashion. The Bushido code, which valued honour over life, drove Japanese soldiers to fight to their last breath, no matter how dire and hopeless the situation was.

To put it in Lamia’s words, “They were taking no quarter, and none was given. The Imperial Japanese weren’t like any modern fighting force you’ve ever seen. They were a gritty, ruthless, non-traditional opponent – stuff like guerrilla warfare and the Bushido code were completely alien to the Americans at the time’. Japanese soldiers would hide in undergrowth and slit the throats of sleeping soldiers and snipe from trees, using every trick they could to bewilder the allies.

I later witness this in-game, near the end of the Makin Raid, as we trundle past a seemingly benign set of bushes. Flashlights suddenly blind us and a bunch of manic Japanese soldiers leap from the foliage. One primes a grenade and grabs a soldier in a suicidal embrace, winning a grim victory. World at War’s stated aim is to move away from convention, removing the stodge from a tired genre with new vistas, under-exposed theatres of war, and a new angle on storytelling. They go beyond the simple briefing format with amazing combinations of slick graphics and facts about the mission you’re sent on.

The Makin Raid mission is pre-empted by giant floating ribbons, an introduction to Emperor Hirohito and a visual representation of Japan’s invasion of Asia, with historic footage mixed in for good measure. It’s a fascinating mix of Bond-style credits and stock footage, that gives meaning to the action as well as the necessary pep and excitement.

Treyarch have had two years to create WAW, and Lamia is proud to say they’ve used it well: “We’ve created something that’s a great deal edgier, and with that edge the whole thing feels different WAW will feel nothing like any other WWII game you’ve ever played.

And behind the optimistic waffle, he could be right – while we’re used to slowpaced crawls that eventually lead to hiding in ruined houses and bunkers, with the occasional tank thrown in, the Makin Raid appears to be pulse-pounding, erratic and wildly disorienting. Enemies seem to come from everywhere and nowhere, sneaking through undergrowth before charging at you, or hiding in seemingly cleared areas, waiting for you to pass by.

It’s all pretty amazing. New to the series is the four-player co-op mode, allowing you and your friends to waltz through IVAWs conflicts, dropping I in and out at the beginning of levels.

I am given a demonstration of just how effective this is when the action skips to covering an encounter with a huge armoured division on some exoticlooking farmland. With two players on hand, one takes on the tank battalions by ducking into foxholes and launching barrages of rockets, then by going hell-for-leather and leaping on top of them, dropping a grenade casually into the metal beasts before scarpering.

Meanwhile the other player covers him and handles the infantry, at one point using a flamethrower see Flame On! The blowtorch certainly has a Return to Castle Wolfenstein feel understandable, as many of the staff from Gray Matter – RTCWs developer -are now working at Treyarch , but now has more practical uses in its ability to set fire to trees and any hidden snipers, as well as spreading between soldiers that are touching or are too close to each other.

Moving on from the farmland, the pair hurry up a hill and face a group of soldiers holed up in a building, using a handheld mortar to flush them out. Said building, being of a destructible ilk, is shattered, and the explosion throws two worried-looking Japanese soldiers arse-over-tit accompanied by a pile of physics-enabled rubble. Not a pleasant end. No time for a breather though as seconds later a low-flying plane screams through player two’s vision, snapping power cables and crashing in a wall of flames that engulfs a passing tank.

You couldn’t imagine a scene that sings from the COD hymn sheet with as much gusto. These days it’s become corny to even say that WWII is a road that has been heavily-trod previously – its something that everyone says and everyone thinks.

However, the C0D4 engine, along with the new environment, has led Treyarch to believe they are creating a genuinely exhilarating experience out of source material thought long-since bled dry.

That’s how we’re making this game. It’s a realistic, true-to-events game that we’re taking in a direction that no-one’s ever seen,” grins Lamia.



Call of Duty World at War PC Game – Free Download Full Version

The gameplay of COD world at war holds numerous plus points. War could be massive. Password recovery. You might even advance too early and get rinsed by a sudden wave of enemies.


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